A Great Holiday with Great Food

Kasama Pizza & Pasta and More is the only Western restaurant in Ban Krut, Bang Saphan, Prachuap Kirikhan, Thailand. Serving New York style Pizzas, a wide variety of Italian dishes and other homemade dinners. With Baking on the premises and a Full Bar and Specialty Gourmet products.

About Us

What's so Special About Kasama's

A glass of fresh, cold milk? Or a Grilled Ham and REAL Cheese. Sandwich served on Homemade Wheat Bread, with Homemade Bread & Butter Pickles? Or a Bratwurst Platter with veggies and Mashed or Baked potatoes?
What’s so special about New York Style Pizza, or Lasagna with
Garlic Bread and a real, Honest-to-Goodness Creative Salad? How about Pancakes or French Toast with Fruit for Breakfast. Or a thick, Chocolate Malted Milk so rich it takes two people to finish it? Or simple Homemade Wheat Toast topped with butter and Smucker’s Jams and Preserves?
What’s so special about these things, and Specials like Homemade Meatloaf and Stuffed Cabbage dinners? Nothing much. Except you can’t have them anywhere else within 200 Kilometers from Ban Krut.
That’s what we found when my husband and I built a home in this otherwise idyllic village in 2004. There were–and continue to be–only two specialty dishes served in the resorts and restaurants: Fish and Rice, or, that other local version: Rice and Fish.
Kasama’s changes all that. A truly Western Restaurant & Bakery, making fresh breads and pasties daily along with Western dinners. We also create new dishes with the Gourmet Club, organized for long-stay gourmet visitors who take turns preparing dishes for themselves for others to enjoy.
So, stop in and see us. And, We Deliver!

Menu at Kasama's

Margarita,Italiano, Hawaiian and Supreme
PASTA DINNERS: Spaghetti Marinara,Spaghetti Bolognese, Beef or Veggie Lasagna,Fettucini Alfredo,Chicken Cutlet Parmasan, Seafood in Garlic Pasta. (All served with Garlic BREAKFAST All Day Breakfast: Giant Breakfast • Ban Krut Breakfast • American Breakfast • Continental Breakfast • Eggs Benedict • Omelettes (any style) • New Yorker Breakfast Sandwich • Hot Oatmeal Cereal with Toast • Pancakes and French Toast w Fruit w/o Bacon • All Breakfast Items also served ala carte
BURGERS Burger /Cheese Burger/ Bacon & Cheese Burger w w/o French Fries • Burger Bites • Chicken Hot Dog on Homemade Bun
All Burgers and sandwiches are prepared on homemade whole wheat bread and buns, and made the way you choose, with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Pickles, Cheese, extra servings, Condiments
THAI FAVORITES Chicken Green Curry over Rice • Pad Kaprao over Rice • Tom Yum Gung • Sweet and Sour Shrimp or Chicken • Crispy Fried Egg Salad • Tuna Spicy Salad • Chicken Sausage Spicy Salad • Thai Omelet over Rice
Grilled Ham/Cheese Sandwich • Tuna Salad • Egg Salad • Corned Beef • Salami & Cheese • BLT (Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato) Or Combinations of your choice
Soups: Creamy Potato, Mushroom, and Tomato, and Chicken Noodle Soup
Garlic Bread • Garlic Cheese Bread • Baked Beans • French Fries • Cole Slaw/ Dinner Rolls • Potato / Macaroni Salads • Mashed, Baked, or Fried Potatoes • Hard Boiled Eggs • Potato Chips
Nestle Ice Cream • Jello (w / ice cream) • Chocolate Milk Shakes • Ice Cream Sundaes • Pancake ala Mode • Assorted Pastries and Homemade Cakes
The largest selection in Ban Krut, plus excellent Spirits, Beers, Aperitifs and Wines
Served on the premises or for take Home. Assorted Baked goods; Rolls, Wheat, and Rye bread, Baguettes, Pastries, Cup cakes, Birthday / Anniversary cakes, and more Baked To Order
Kasama stocks certain specialty retail items as a convenience for Western appetites; Spices, Condiments, Juices, Jams and Preserves, Soups, Hard-to-find shelf items, Pastas and Sauces, Canned Fruits, and Frozen Dinners, Retail Wines, Aperitifs and Spirits.
What’s a holiday without Great Food!

Ban Krut Local Attractions

There are several local attractions in Ban Krut and nearby area. The Phra Phut Kitti Sirichai Pagoda, located on a high headland at the northern end of town, is not to be missed. It is spectacular and the views are breathtaking, with views North and South for 20 kilometers Dolphins are often seen and whale watching is in October. Bring your camera!

Phra Phut Kitti Sirichai is a well respected Buddha image in a mediating pose, which has 10 meter width and 13.82 meter hight. The Buddha images sits facing the ocean and was built to honor Queen Sirikit for her 60th birthday.

Waterfalls: There are four in the immediate area, all reached from Petchkasem Road. To the North is Nam-Tok Kha –Oon, 2 kilometers on Petchkasem and 9 kilometers West, towards Burma. Nam-Tok Huay Yang is 22 Kilometers North on Petchkasem and 10 kilometers into the West. To the South is Nam-Tok Sai Khoo, 25 Kilometers South and then 13 kilometers towards Burma. The last is a strange, nearly enchanting location called Tarzan Waterfall. It’s in a quarry with dining salas on all levels around the rim, and a pool 40 feet below where locals swing out on a rope. They have a life-sized replica of Tarzan, in sunglasses, of course, cranking a grill handle over roasting chicken. It is 50 kilometers South, just past Khao-Pho Shopping Plaza.

Sai Khu Waterfall (Km. 404-405) This 10 meters high medium waterfall is 24 kilometers south of Bangsaphan district. There is a picnic area by the stream running down from the waterfall. It is another spot to spend a day in a lush grond.

The Waco Aquarium and Science Complex is located 48 Kilometers to the North. It’s educational and worth a look. And admission is free!
Dansingkorn Thai-Burma Border Crossing
52 kilometers North, a huge open-air market with some great buys in semi-precious gems and particularly wood furniture. 30 shops and many interesting buys, birds amongst them. There is also an Immigration Office there, but not for tourists, and sorry, no visa extensions.

Spectacular Sunrises, and Hidden Coves galore. Fishing and Boat Trips, Hiking and Exploring in a wonderfully underpopulated and unspoiled province with warm people. Little wonder why visitors return to Ban Krut year after year!


Prachaup Kirikhan

Prachuap Kirikhan province is located 289 kilometers south of Bangkok. To the west is bordered by the Socialist Republic of Myanmar and the East is the Gulf of Thailand. The coastline is 224.8 kilometer long. South of Prachuap Kirikhan town is the narrowest part of Thailand, only 12 kilometers between Myanmar and the sea. Prachuap Kirikhan province is blessed with the peaceful waters of the Gulf, mountains, caves, and waterfalls.

Prachuap Kirikhan province is 6,357 square kilomters, divided into seven Amphurs (Districts), one Ging Amphur (sub-district). They are Hua Hin, Pranburi, Kui Buri, Muang, Thap Sakae, Bang Saphan, Bang Saphan Noi, and Sam Roi Yod Sub-district. Koa Luk island in Prachuap Bay is used to measure the Official sea level for Thailand. The major industries of the province are agriculture, fishing, anching and tourism.